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see_youagain's Journal

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ABOUT ME: fifteen. american. italian. irish. and some other things haha.

TV: bones. true blood. NHRA drag racing. the soup.

MOVIES: transformers. transformers: revenge of the fallen. fight club. mr. & mrs. smith. mission impossible : III. the lion king. finding nemo. pirates 1, 2, & 3. atonement. wanted. charlie and the chocolate factory. the dark knight. disturbia. harry potter. iron man. hot fuzz. shaun of the dead. basicalllly a lot!

ACTORS: james mcavoy. shia labeouf. christian bale. johnny depp. brad pitt. edward norton. heath ledger. rupert grint. robert downey jr. simon pegg. david tennant. nick frost. david morrisey. james nesbit.

ACTRESSES: megan fox. angelina jolie. kate hudson. keira knightley. kate winslet.

MUSIC: M.I.A., britney spears, lil' wayne, kanye west, lady gaga, bob marley, rihanna, lots of otherss.

BOOKS: twilight, new moon, eclipse, too much too late, the boyfriend list, the boy book, speak, the bluest eye, harry potter, alice in wonderland

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"Why go through life unnoticed?"
-- Aquamarine